My first experience with plants and horticulture was my grandfathers vegetable garden. He would give me my own plot to plant whatever I liked. I kept on growing plants and vegetables for many years after but when I started the business I was too busy. So last season I decided it was time again to get back into vegetable gardening. I had a cedar raised garden built and filled with a quality topsoil and started planting. Plants included; tomato, corn, beet, carrot, lettuce, spinach, snow peas, cabbage, onion, cauliflower and turnip. Everything grew pretty well, there is always a constant battle with bugs, grubs and even worms! For weeks every morning I would find my onion sets upended on the ground. Assumed that it would be birds so I covered the onions with a wire mesh. Next morning - same thing again, I could not figure this out. I did some investigation online to find that it could be worms! I really didn't believe this but went out with my flashlight at two in the morning. There they were feasting on the little bits of dry onion skin still attached to the sets (bulbs). In gardening you learn something new every year. Enjoy the pics.